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PIZHOU HENGFENGBAO FOOD CO.,LTD, Founded in 2006,registered capital of 51.68 million yuan.The Legal representative is Xu Youbao. The company is located in South Industrial zone of Suyangshan town,covers an area of 30 mu, It owns 9 constant temperature cold storages, stores a total of more than 8000 tons, annual sales of 20000 tons; modern processing workshop 3500 square meters, Comprehensive office building a total of 72 rooms with building area of 2400 square meters; At presenT,the company has the fixed asset more than 20000 thousand yuan, the company existing professional and technical personnel more than 20 people, more than 200 employees. The company is equipped with modern office building and advanced office equipment, has realized the standardization of office automation...


2016-4-20Small garlic attracted eight visitors

Chinese garlic Festival is sponsored by the National Association of garlic vegetable Committee, according to the local...