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Small garlic attracted eight visitors

Time:2016-4-20 9:48:35  From:Heng Feng Bao Food

Chinese garlic Festival is sponsored by the National Association of garlic vegetable Committee, according to the local garlic and garlic production scale, the strength of enterprises to determine the host. Pizhou garlic in the first planting area, yield first, the annual export volume first, excellent quality superior conditions, two consecutive successfully held the third and the fourth China garlic Festival, in domestic and foreign influence, Pizhou City with domestic and foreign merchants to build the platform of win-win cooperation. Pizhou white garlic with its unique white color, skin tight, and other characteristics, favored by domestic and foreign merchants. In the China garlic Festival, attracted eight businessmen from Japan, South Korea, Philippines, Pakistan, Malaysia, and the United States, Germany, France, Australia and other places of business of more than 2000 people.
One of the Malaysia merchants and the Su Yang Shan Zhen dawn garlic industry cooperation for many years, year turnover of $20 million in garlic. He is optimistic about the quality of garlic here. The dawn of garlic industry respectively in Singapore, Indonesia, United Arab Emirates, Pakistan and other countries to set up offices in accordance with the needs of the organization of production, purchase and sales.
"A few years grow garlic, 2 billion 500 million yuan of industrial." This sentence, is on the development of garlic industry in Pizhou depicting the image, is Xuzhou inspection and Quarantine Bureau heart "agriculture, countryside and farmers", enthusiastic service, efforts to promote a true portrayal of the export of garlic.
Pizhou is one of the 3 major garlic producing areas in China. In recent years, the cultivation and sale of high quality raw garlic become a local important to enrich the people industry, "Pizhou white garlic", "Su Yang Hill garlic", "the driver mountain white garlic", "dawn of garlic and other high-quality raw garlic has been popular in more than 90 countries and regions, the annual export volume of more than 20 million tons. In China's export food repeated interrogations, increasingly stringent foreign technical trade measures, Xuzhou garlic sweet gone world, thanks to Xuzhou inspection and quarantine in the hearts of the constant belief, they always adhere to:
The implementation of the "three elements" management model
The problem of pesticide residues has been a bottleneck restricting the export of vegetables in our country. In order to ensure the safety of garlic exports, Xuzhou Bureau focused on grasping the source to build the base time, in the implementation of the company + base + standardization management mode to make efforts to consolidate the foundation of the export of garlic industry. As early as the beginning of 2002, Xuzhou bureau took the lead to build the country's first export garlic base. Inspection and Quarantine of people go Agrocybe, into the village, the relevant requirements and the importing country's inspection and quarantine regulations, made from a variety of easy to understand materials, take held site base will be in the form of publicity. Xuzhou regional export garlic base for the record companies from the initial two thousands of acres of base, the development of today's 22 leading enterprises 210 thousand acres of base. In Xuzhou Bureau of multi running, outside the city of Xuzhou Bureau, the city Bureau of agriculture, municipal science and Technology Bureau also unveiled a series of incentive measures, a strong impetus to the development of Xuzhou export garlic base construction. Since 2002, Xuzhou exported nearly 2 million tons of garlic, exports more than 90 countries, has never been a case of pesticide residues exceed the standard problem.
The implementation of the "three steps" in helping plan
Past, Xuzhou garlic export enterprise only 2 ~ 3, the factory in primitive conditions, quality consciousness weak, between competing suppression of prices, products weeding. Xuzhou Bureau leadership situation, developed a three year plan for the three step. : 2005 integration of garlic for export enterprises, preliminary already have export enterprises included in the scope of the assistance, to enter the initial stage; 2006 set for garlic exports, helping enterprises, the bigger and stronger, to establish a benchmark; in 2007 for quality, brand win years, assisting enterprises founded their own brand. After three years of unremitting efforts, in Xuzhou 22 registered enterprises has most through the HACCP certification, overall strength Chaoqun, brand awareness, brand awareness is integrated into the enterprise business philosophy. Among them, Xuzhou Dawn Food Co., Ltd. is ranked in the garlic exports for the first, from unknown garlic acquisition point to a national leading enterprises, t

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