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Time:2016-4-20 10:00:48  From:Heng?Feng?Bao?food

1. pine nuts bowel embellish skin. Pearl like pine, widely used in traditional imperial, has long been considered a nourishing effect. Pine nuts rich oil ingredients, can not only help defecate, can also nourish the skin. At the same time, pine nut is the quality of oil source, containing polyunsaturated fatty acids, can alleviate inflammation.
How to eat the most healthy: pine nuts high quantity of heat, usually scattered points in the meal, each time a little.
2. garlic anti-inflammatory and bactericidal. In the absence of antibiotics, garlic plays an important life-saving role. In the past, the necessary salt and garlic, salt used to add minerals, garlic is used to sterilization and prevention of disease. Recently, garlic was also found to lower cholesterol. Therefore, gastritis, sore throat, hemorrhoids, red eyes, acne should not be eaten raw garlic, raw garlic spicy strong irritant.
3. cabbage cough and phlegm cancer. Winter withered, cabbage still as green as pine trees, generally welcomed by the people. In the Chinese view, Chinese cabbage can reduce fever fever, cough and phlegm. Modern scientific discoveries, the nutritional value of cabbage, variety, can eat all the year round, is the most popular anti-cancer star.
4. porridge protecting stomach filling vigour. Porridge in the boiling process, has effective ingredients of the food in the release of dissolved in the soup, so it is easy to be digested and absorbed, suitable for a poor appetite, weak.
5. kelp help defecation is not fat. Low in calories and filled with colloid minerals, kelp is very suitable for modern beauty and health food. Kelp is rich in soluble fiber, more easily than the average fiber digestion and absorption, help smooth defecation. The biggest advantage is that the seaweed is low in calories, do not worry about fat as a midnight snack, it is suitable for the beauty of women.
6. buckwheat step-down help sleep. Buckwheat contains powerful antioxidants, can reduce blood fat, strengthen blood vessels, prevent blood clots, is a very good heart care food. In addition, the blood pressure and sleep well. Buckwheat is very good still e.scavenger, fiber content is 6 times that of the general rice, so it is called "net intestinal grass".

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