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Time:2016-4-20 10:01:20  From:Heng?Feng?Bao?food

In our side, the meal "no meat, no happy" people are not in a few. A variety of lean meat contains similar nutrients, including protein 20%, fat 1%-15%, inorganic salt 1%, and the rest of the water. Variety of meat supply of heat, but also because of the number of fat varies greatly. In general, pork, beef and mutton are high in saturated fat, poultry meat, chicken and rabbit meat contains less saturated fat.
Meat is rich in inorganic salts, especially iron (red meat), more phosphorus and potassium, sodium, calcium, but less. Lean meat is also a good source of vitamin B2, B1, B12, PP, lean pork, vitamin B1 content is very high.
contains carbohydrates, protein, phosphorus, vitamin B1 and niacin (Liu Ansu). According to the research, the content of trace element selenium in fresh garlic in vegetables was the highest, reached 0.276 micrograms / g, and the selenium content of the vegetables in general only 0.01 g / G. Selenium has antioxidant function, is thought to have anti-cancer effect.
Unique spicy
smell of garlic can lift the fish, meat smell, increase appetite, cooking a meal in an indispensable condiment. Some of the dishes of the cooking is not add garlic, taste is not, such as grilled eggplant, amaranth fried, fried bean, cold dishes, spicy tofu, fish flavored pork, fried liver, sweet and sour pork, braised fish, and so on. Beijing, Shaanxi PI enema, garlic juice jelly, is no taste of what. Shaanxi mutton slices cooked in hot pot, Pita Bread Soaked in Lamb Soup cannot do without Pickled Sweet Garlic. Southerners generally do not eat raw garlic, but in fried vegetables must be used garlic, garlic ribs is have a distinctive flavour. At present, garlic is not only in the folk widely as a disease epidemic of important food and drug and refined into antibacterial anti-inflammatory medicines and health products.
As the saying goes: "eat meat without garlic, nutrition, minus half", this is a certain scientific reason. Because meat and garlic should be mixed with food. According to the experiment, the lean meat contains rich vitamin B1, but in the human body to stay for the time is very short, such as meat and eat a little garlic, not only can make vitamin B1 precipitation increased several times, can prolong vitamin B1 in the body of the residence time, promote blood circulation, elimination in addition to fatigue, maintain body acid-base balance.